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concrete repair & anchoring

PC-Masonry Epoxy™

High Strength, Non-Sag Repair Adhesive


PC-Masonry Epoxy™ is a two component epoxy. It is a solvent free, high strength, high modulus, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy. Use as a high strength adhesive for projects that require a non-sag repair with fast curing time. Ideal for larger concrete repairs, especially for spalled concrete, PC-Masonry Epoxy™ can be troweld over rough and deteriorating concrete. Use for rebuilding missing concrete.

PC-Masonry Epoxy™ is ideal for vertical and even overhead repairs since it will not run, sag or drip. PC-Masonry Epoxy™ can be painted after cured. Use as a high strength adhesive for projects that require a non-sag repair with fast curing time.
***Note: PC-Masonry Epoxy™ may discolor after exposure to sunlight.


Using separate knives to remove amount needed, mix equal parts of A (white) and B (gray) on a flat clean surface until uniform color is achieved. Surfaces to be repaired or bonded must be clean and free of dirt, oil, rust, etc. Use denatured alcohol to help prepare areas and for clean up.

After cure: Paint, Drill, Grind, Tap or Saw.

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Mixing Tips:

Approximately equal amounts of A and B by volume. In cold or cool temperatures, place PC-Masonry Epoxy™ containers near heat prior to using. Any clean flat surface such as plywood or stiff cardboard are excellent surfaces for mixing and working. A putty knife or flexible spatula are great tools for mixing PC-Masonry Epoxy™. Product can be applied with a trowel after mixing.


Strongest bonding, anchoring and restoration epoxy available. Does not sag or drip. For horizontal and vertical use. Will not soften over time. Non solvent and safe for indoor use. Thousands of repair uses. Repair holes, spalls and cracks in concrete, brick, block, masonry. Install or repair loose anchors, bolts or handrails. Rebuild missing concrete. Trowel over spalled concrete. Rebuild and repair curbs, sidewalks and steps. Repair and patch floors, seal holes for electrical and plumbing openings, repair trip hazards. For high strength structural repairs. Works on wet surface.

PC-Masonry Epoxy™ has hundreds, if not thousands, of uses.

As Adhesive: Masonry, Concrete, Stone, Block, Rubber, Glass, Metals, Wood, Fiberglass, Tile and much more.
As Sealant: Cellar Cracks, Wall Cracks, Marine Docks, Masonry voids, Re-point Mortar Joints.
As a Filler: Holes and cracks in concrete and masonry, Rejoin loose railings and bars in concrete, Fill spalled concrete deterioration.
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