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Joint & Crack Filler


Injectable, fast-curing and flexible filler for concrete and blacktop!


PC-Xtreme™ is a two-component rapid curing Polyurea elastomeric crack and joint filler. It is self leveling with Extreme flexibility allowing 10-15% movement of installed joint width. Product can be applied in temperatures ranging from -40oF to 120oF. Non solvent formula with low V.O.C. The resin and the hardener are uniformly dispensed from the cartridge and mixed through a mixing nozzle utilizing a standard caulking gun.

Advantages and Features:

  • Xtreme application range -40ºF to 120ºF
  • Xtreme flexibility
  • Keeps joints and cracks free of debris and provides a continuous surface for weight loading.
  • Repaired joints can be opened to traffic in 90 minutes at 72of (22oc)
  • Self leveling, low viscosity system.
  • Freezer applications. meets usda requirements for incidental food contact.
  • 100% solids, solvent free with low voc
  • Wide temperature range for application
  • Great flexibility

***Note: For use on dry surfaces only.


While preparing cartridge for dispensing, keep cartridge in an upright position to prevent material from leaking out of cartridge. DO NOT TILT cartridge until ready to apply material.
  1. Shake cartridge vigorously for 1 minute, then stand cartridge in an upright position for 5 minutes.
  2. Insert cartridge into dispensing gun. Remove plastic cap from the top of the cartridge. IMPORTANT: Before attaching nozzle, dispense a small amount of material into a disposable container until both materials flow evenly from the cartridge. Place nozzle onto cartridge and secure by threading in a clockwise direction.
  3. Point nozzle straight up and slowly apply pressure to dispensing gun, moving the product up through the nozzle until it reaches the tip, then dispense 1 stroke of the product into a rag. After purging air and balancing always point the cartridge downward when not dispensing to prevent mixed material in the nozzle from flowing back into the cartridge.
  4. Note:Joints may be overfilled and shaved in 45 minutes (at 72o F ( 22o C).

Additional Information

Available Sizes:

  • PART #
  • 9 OZ
  • 092507
  • Buy From Grainger Home Depot  Buy From The Paint Store  Amazon Supply
  • 22 OZ
  • 096000
  • Buy From Grainger Home Depot  Buy From The Paint Store  Amazon Supply

Joint Preparation:

Note: do not use in expansion joints
For Exterior and Interior Control Joints and Cracks:

  1. Surface and surrounding area must be completely dry prior to use.
  2. Freshly poured concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days to allow moisture to release.
  3. Using a saw or grinder with a dry diamond or concrete blade, cut along the crack to open it to a 3/16” to 1/4” wide gap. The edges should be a 90o angle to the surface to avoid a feathered edge

PC-Xtreme™ has hundreds, if not thousands, of uses.

Use to fill interior / exterior control joints or saw joints on concrete surfaces - Industrial floor applications for heavy duty vehicle traffic - Keeps joints free of debris - Self leveling for horizontal applications. Use for filling cracks in macadam.
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Physical Properties

  • Color (Component a):
  • Amber.
  • Color (Component B):
  • Gray
  • Color (Mixed):
  • Gray*
  • Cure Time:
  • Refer to data sheets.
  • Shelf Life:
  • 18 months

*Note: Once product is applied, it will turn a greenish color. This is only temporary. It will revert back to the gray color within several days.

Test Methods/Results

  • Tensile Strength
  • ASTM D412
  • 1200 psi (8,3 mPa)
  • Consistency
  • ASTM C881
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Elongation
  • ASTM D412
  • 82%
  • Bond Strength
  • ASTM C882
  • 400 psi (2,8 mPa)
  • Shore A Hardness
  • ASTM D2240
  • 75-80
  • Viscosity Mixed
  • 525 mPa
  • VOC
  • 1.72 g/l

Technical Data