Rob T, artist and educator, used our PC-Concrete to create this incredible artwork over the entire surface of his bike.

Ice Skater's Glove

JR Celski, arguably the fastest skater in the world, doing a time trial. We used the PC-Super Epoxy to place the metal tips on this glove.

Door Latch

New life for these stripped out screw holes!

Epoxy - Garage Floor

Cracks and voids in a garage floor.
Cracks filled with PC-Concrete, and finished with a Concrete Stain.

Fence Post Repair

Broken Fence piece bonded back together with PC-Lumber.

Wood Reconstruction

Before / After: Rotted window sill with Soft wood & damaged wood removed
Result after using PC-Petrifier & PC-Woody to repair and rebuild.

Rebar into Concrete

Hole drilled into concrete surface & filled wih PC-Concrete
Rebar anchored permanently into drilled hole.

Rotted Wood

Before / After: Wooden siding with visible Rot Damage
Siding repaired & rebuilt using Rot Terminator & PC-Woody.

Repair Glass & Ceramics

PC-Fast-N EZ (for the pot), PC-Clear (Glass), PC-Crete (Birdbath)