PC Products 60th Anniversary

Read a great article on how to restore pottery, ceramics, porcelain and sculptures. See how the PRO's do it using our products!

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Our products are found in almost every hardware store and lumber yard across the United States, such as:

Please note that many of these stores are independently owned and operated, so inventory could vary. Most hardware stores have PC Products available to them through distribution. If it is not on the shelf, please ASK.

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The question is always asked: What makes PC Products different than other adhesives companies?

Our answer: The products speak for themselves, but we also provide you, the Distributor/Dealer with award winning displays to help promote the products.

If you would like to order any of our displays at no charge please fill out the Fax Back Sheet and fax to (610) 432-5043. Please Note: Displays are only provided to Distributor/Dealers (Not for Consumers).

For all your support over the years, Thank You

PC-7 and PC11 Board Putty Board
PC-11 Robot PC-7 PC DVD
Woody Petrifier Board Super Rot Chain
PC7 Bottle Color board Click images for
larger view